TM Autosports - A Tintmasters Company

TM Autosports has been in business for over 23 years. Originating in 1994 out of Grand Forks, ND; we have since expanded to four locations throughout the region. Some of you in the local community may already know of us as Tintmasters Motorsports. While Tintmasters Motorsports had its beginnings in window tinting and custom audio, our business has grown to include nearly every auto accessory and option available.  New customers, who haven't grown with us from the beginning, have simply assumed that we were just a window tinting company. Our name change and re-branding is our way of letting the public know that we wear many hats and are so much more than that. Therefore, out of necessity, TM Autosports was born.

Over the last few years, we have expanded and added many divisions to the TM Autosports brand. These divisions include TM Fleetworks, TM Home & Business, Tintmasters Motorsports, Tintmasters Off-Road, and our TM Autosports Truck Division. We undertake and produce several hundred builds a year, ranging from standard upgrade packages to fully customized (just for you) complete vehicle projects. We can gear a build to any budget. Our goal and mission is to provide you with the utmost professionalism and expertise in bringing your vehicles modified vision to life.

Our name may be changing, but we are simply evolving. Everyone can expect the same great services and product offerings we have always provided. By satisfying the demand for both domestic and import vehicle performance, rising to the top of the truck customization industry, we have maintained in satisfying our Jeep, ATV, UTV, Boat, Snowmobile, and Motorcycle clients as well.

TM Autosports (a Tintmasters company) has become well known in the Upper Midwest. Our National reach has expanded as well with our project vehicles being featured in popular magazine publications including Truckin', GM High Tech, Super Street, Max Power USA, Boost Tuning, Performance Auto & Sound, and many others.

While specializing in the full automotive personalization market, we have a large client base that we cater to revolving around remote starters, car audio, marine audio, wheels and tires, window tinting, paint protection film, custom leather interiors and much more.